Guinness Gamer’s Edition Arcade

Play the games, break the records! Guinness Gamer’s Edition Arcade allows the player a chance to set an Official Guinness World Record in time for the publication of the 2012 Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition book.
Guinness Arcade features five short nerve-wracking challenges inspired by all-time favorite video games. It also includes a funny adventure mode that ties the games together with a story and illustrations.
Also included are the top 50 video game characters of all time as voted by Gamer’s Edition fans.

Developed for: Guinness World Records

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Cubicle Golf

Work stinks. Make it stink less with a round of Cubicle Golf!
In Cubicle Golf you can build team unity by playing the always challenging Office Links. Push your coworkers toward the pins, using each person’s strengths—the driver, the iron, the putter, and the “Secret Weapon.” Avoid your boss, Mr. Hazard, as you navigate the course and work on that handicap!
Play through 18 holes, improve your score and blow off some steam. It’s okay… the boss isn’t looking!

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h.h. gregg Frigidaire app

100 Ways to Organize is a multi-platform casual game created for h.h. gregg and Frigidaire as part of a sweepstakes promotion. Players clear contiguous blocks of similarly colored food items to earn high scores. During the two week promotion players could download the app on their mobile devices or play on h.h. gregg’s website and Facebook pages to earn up to three contest entries per day. Google Analytics provided information on the number of contest entries and games played. After the promotion the sweepstakes entry form was stripped from the game so that players could continue to enjoy the game while providing valuable information and branding opportunities to h.h. gregg.

The game is available on h.h. gregg’s website as well as iTunes and Google Play.

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