hhgregg Endless Blitz

If someone is out shopping for televisions in the late summer and early fall, it’s a pretty good bet that person is getting ready for football season. What better way to get their attention than to put them on the field themselves?

That’s why, when hhgregg asked Plow to help them connect with those buyers, Plow’s answer was Endless Blitz. Featuring a running backs scrambling down an endless football field, Endless Blitz challenges players to juke and jump over defenders to collect coins and power-ups. During a Blitz to Win Sweepstakes period, players could score bonus entries to win prizes from hhgregg & LG.

A deal with the Indianapolis Colts allowed players to take to the field as Colts Mascot “Blue,” or they can play as the hhgregg running back, a female football player or the GR-366 Football Robot. In addition, they can try out Flippy Football, a new mini-game.

Created in Unity 3D, Endless Blitz achieved more than 200,000 downloads during the sweepstakes period, and it remains available through iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Build-a-Bear Merry Mission

Creating a Build-A-Bear toy is a personal experience, so when Build-A-Bear and local, ad agency, CVR, wanted to engage families at Christmastime, Plow delivered an experience that, like the company’s toys, is directed by the user.

With daily surprises, a Christmas countdown, an audio family Christmas story, songs and games, the Santa’s Merry Mission™ app, available on iTunes and Google Play, builds on the story of a Christmas when Santa’s “Nice List” is so long his elves can’t keep up. Who comes to his rescue? His faithful reindeer.

That premise leads users into a series of games, starting with Reindeer Runner, in which Reindeer scramble to gather elves to join in the toy-making effort. Other games include the Gift Grabber and Santa’s Flight Trainer. Players can open up additional opportunities with Official Team Santa Medallions (sold at Build-A-bear Workshop and scanable with an iPhone camera. The app was downloaded more than 100,000 times.

Edwin the Duck

If pi lab had stopped at simply making an adorable rubber duck wireless speaker, the company probably could have done well enough. But pi lab wanted to create something more … something that could delight, entertain and educate children. And that’s where Plow comes in.

Plow created the Edwin App, the iOS-, Android- and Windows- blue tooth enabled device-compatible app that is the key to bringing Edwin’s world to life. Working with educators, musicians and cognitive specialists, Plow and pi lab made sure Edwin delivered a rewarding experience to every child. The Edwin App features stories, games, interactive educational experiences and more.

Yes, Edwin is a wireless speaker, and he is a rubber ducky (Sure! Take him into the tub at bath time!), but he’s also a smart toy designed to make learning fun. With new features and content in constant development, Edwin builds on four key areas: Story Time, Play Time, Song Time and Sleepy Time, and he grows with your child, coming to life with unique stories, songs, and games.

Hammermill Plane Fun

When International Paper was looking for a way to get its Hammermill brand in front of office-based consumers, the team at Plow thought about what they do with paper – and created a paper airplane game with the Hammermill name front and center.

In the game, available on iTunes and Google Play, a player guides paper airplanes across an office, avoiding obstacles and interference. Along the way, players pick up Hammermill power-ups to keep from crashing. If they succeed, they’re rewarded with new trophies and increasingly difficult challenges.

LastFront Card Game

War is hell … unless you’re playing LastFront. A Plow Games original digital card game showcasing historic battles from the World War II occupation of Europe, LastFront lets players take to the battlefield to capture territories by outbidding their opponents.

Meticulously researched media add an authentic feel to the battles won through attrition or capitulation. Winners add disputed territories to their display and begin new battles. The game ends when victory conditions are met. Featured at PopCon 2014, LastFront has received rave reviews from players on iTunes.

iSeige: Nuclear Option

With single player, multiplayer, and pass n’ play modes with several difficulty modes, iSiege: Nuclear Option lets you try to destroy an enemy’s capitol with tanks, troops and ICBMs – all while the enemy is taking shots at your capitol and armies. Launch countermeasures when things get tough, and score bonuses by pulling off combos, destroying enemy forces and executing precision Nuclear Strikes. Randomly generated terrain makes each match a new experience. Track your scores against your friends and the world as you play for world dominance.

Power Team

Why read superhero comic books when you can leap into their world? Power Team puts you into the action as a member of the Power Team. You choose a leader and two sidekicks to take back the city from the evil Rocket Gangers in this game that has the look and feel of an actual comic book. With unique powers, each hero is designed to kick some major bad guy butt – and each has a backstory you can unlock with your achievements.

Zombie Rollers

Zombie Rollers lets players choose from one of four unlockable characters to control in four unlockable maps and four bonus games. Evade zombies while on foot and find the hidden Zombie Balls. When you find one, get in quick and crush as many zombies as you can before time runs out. Collect power-ups, rescue survivors, find different kinds of Zombie Balls with unique properties and rack up score bonuses. Bonus games add extra challenges and new game play.

The Walking Dead-inspired Atlanta level is also available for even more zombie crushing fun!

Developed for: Headline Apps

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Klondike Unfoiled!

How quickly can you tear the foil off a Klondike Bar to get to the ice-creamy goodness inside?
Klondike Unfoiled! challenges the player to choose a Klondike Bar flavor and quickly swipe to unwrap. Compare your times to your friends and players around the world.

App developed for: Story Worldwide

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Amazement Park

Cedar Fair presents Amazement Park, the Facebook game that lets you build your own amusement park with actual rides from King’s Island, Cedar Point, Knott’s Berry Farm and more! Invite friends to visit, play games, perform tasks and see your park. Earn money to upgrade your rides and buy gifts for your friends. Unlock all 11 Cedar Fair parks and their rides and earn achievements that you can show off to your friends.


Last Front: Europe

Last Front: Europe offers players three modes of game play in which they can play as the British, Soviets, Germans, or Americans. Featuring 16 maps spanning four historic battles of the European theater, including the battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of the Bulge, Last Front: Europe lets players immerse themselves in the conflicts of WWII. Earn medals, unlock missions and customize maps at lastfrontgame.com.

Last Front: Europe HD, exclusive to the iPad, offers larger maps and four additional campaigns to play as well as a sharper UI.

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Moose and Friends game and eBook

Based on the hit book series, you can play with Moose and friends as you master the art of launching spit at moving rings. Hit Ernie the Eagle and multiply your points rapidly. This fast-paced, addictive game has multiple levels and increasing ring speed as it challenges young and old alike.

The downloadable eBook “Have You Ever Seen a Moose…Brush his Teeth” engages children through rhyming, singsong lyrics and whimsical, vibrant illustrations. Children follow Moose along on his quest to rid himself of slimy, green, grassy teeth. They sling the slime, scrub the teeth, floss and have the Moose dance as they learn about the importance of brushing.

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Hammermill Recycle Toss

Recycle Toss puts a new spin on paper toss games by offering three modes of play plus an arcade mode that moves the recycle bin from side-to-side as players fight the wind. Play for the most consecutive shots and compare your scores to players all over the world.

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