What kind of people and companies work with Plow Games?

Plow Games can tailor a game to suit any client’s needs. We’ve created massive social network games like Amazement Park for Cedar Fair that harness the potential of social media to build brand loyalty and spread the word on new rides and vendors in a fun and exciting way by actively involving their customers. We also make smaller, cost effective widget-type games. The app we created for Klondike Bars helped raise awareness not only about the brand itself but informed their customers about flavors they may not have otherwise been familiar with. And of course, we make games of every size in between for companies like Brine Lacrosse, Hammermill Paper and Volkswagen.

We also work with investors and individuals that have either a unique idea or sometimes just a desire to create a game. iSiege: Nuclear Option was created for two game enthusiasts stationed in Afghanistan who wanted to create games rather than just consume them. Zombie Rollers and Cubicle Golf were created with an investor who wanted to branch into the casual gaming market. We’ve helped people working within a range of budgets realize their dreams to create games of virtually every scope.

We bring our extensive knowledge and experience to every game to deliver the best, most fun product possible because games are our passion.